• Spring back from winter

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    Winter is coming to her end and Spring is pressing forward. It’s the time of year that Ayurveda (Yogic medicine) calls the Kapha season. Kapha relates to the qualities of cold, wet and heavy. Take a look out the window, sound familiar? Now note how you feel. Had a cough or cold recently? Your body is responding to the change in season, stirring up and eliminating the accumulations of winter. Feel tired and lethargic and put on some winter weight? During winter we need more hot stodgy food to keep our internal fires burning, but by the end of winter digesting all that stodge and keeping warm, in addition to lack of sunlight – our main source of Vitamin D, can take its toll and energy levels are low.

    I’m feeling it and I’m also feeling the urge to start changing my diet and detox my body. Nothing drastic, just a few small changes to give me a little more energy, support my immune system, and give my skin a boost.

    I’m not a nutritionist but none of this is particularly original. You can find ideas and recipes like this anywhere. These are just a few simple tips that are easy to implement:

    Coconut Oil

    OK so there’s a guy dressed like a flower power hippie taking the ‘mick’ out of people like me using Coconut oil on facebook. I’ve posted the video here for you to laugh at, but never-the-less Coconut oil is awesome.

    I’m putting a spoonful of it in my morning porridge, along with some flaxseed – all good for the skin.

    And I’ve used coconut oil to moisturise my face the last couple of evenings (too greasy for the morning). Already my skin feels better. I’m probably going to put it in my hair later because it DOES work!



    Best thing ever. Good for skin and hair, tastes yummy and gives you essential fats that you need.

    Slice up on a toasted bit of buttery Rye bread, to keep the warmth in your food, and add chopped tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and salt and pepper if you wish. Scrummy.


    Green Juice

    You need a juicer for this. If you have one, the juice pictured contains:

    a couple of handfuls of spinach
    2 sticks celery
    a bunch of parsley – not just a garnish, supports the immune system, tones bones, strengthens the nervous system and supports kidney function!
    1 apple
    1 lemon – supports the immune system and cleanses the liver
    a chunk of ginger – brilliant for digestion

    Tangy and delicious!


    If you want to shake off winter and embrace spring, come and join us on 20th March for a special extended Spring Equinox class.