Special Class

Spring Equinox extended Class

Sunday March 20th, 13.30-15.30

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and finally shake of the long winter, I’m holding a special extended Sunday afternoon class.


Back in December, in the very heart of winter, we noted the Winter Solstice. That subtle shift to the very very beginning of the return of light. On 20th March we will see the long awaited arrival of Spring. The Spring Equinox marks the moment that the sun finally crosses the equator, returning to the Northern hemisphere and we begin ascending into longer days. Whoop!

More sunlight means more vitamin D, which means more energy, and feeling more awake. It’s time to shake off the heaviness and inertia of winter and prepare for the lightness and activity of Spring. Those of you that like me have had coughs and colds recently, this is what Yoga medicine or Ayurveda calls the Kapha period. It’s actually a sign of the seasonal shift where the body starts to eliminate all of the ‘acummulations’ of winter. It’s a time for detoxing. I’m not one for fad diets and juice cleanses, but I find myself without thinking about it wanting to clean out my system after all of that much needed winter stodge. I even dusted off my juicer this week and have had a couple of tangy green juices. I’m beginning to favour lighter meals – although not quite in the salad zone yet, and I feel the urge for a more physical practice. See my blog post on this here.

So on 20th March, please join me for a ‘shake off winter and embrace Spring’ style practice. As always there will be a physical Yoga practice, plus a directing of attention and awareness towards the energy of Spring and how it effects us inside and not just outside. Plus relaxation, visual meditation and ‘Story’!

Cost: £18
Venue: Woodmansterne Village Hall, Carshalton Road, Woodmansterne
free car park at the hall

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