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    Last year I had the opportunity to slow down over the winter solstice, Christmas and the run up to the new year. Even though I have some burning desires and potential plans for this year, I tried not to anticipate too much or move forward with anything, but instead went into reflection mode. It was an interesting experiment to stay present for several weeks with what has been, and resist the urge to jump forward to what will be.

    I had space to reflect on what the themes of 2015 were for me personally. To realise how I’ve grown, to bring awareness to the challenges of last year, as well as the aspects of my life that have served me but are now ready to be let go of, or are ripe and ready for their next evolution. It was a lovely process that doesn’t all filter into awareness at once. With space and time new layers of meaning came to consciousness. Reflections happened in a number of ways, sometimes I wrote about them in my journal, I also had a ‘brain storm’ where I take an A3 page, write a word in the centre that feels like a theme for me (earlier in the year it was ‘Rebel’, this time it was ‘Love’), and then I wrote other words around it that hold power for me, like ‘dance’, ‘act’, my favourite… ‘make a mess’, and even ‘viking’!

    All of these moment of reflection assimilated themselves on New Years Eve en route to Brighton. I love long drives because I get to listen to my music loudly and my Spotify app was rigged up for the journey, but once I hit the road I craved silence. The silence to note the last day of a year never to return. A year filled with the pain of deeply loving someone on a vicious path of self-destruction, and all of the frustration, terror and chaos that brings with it, and yet that challenge instilled further lessons about boundaries, loving acceptance, the beauty in pain, and learning when to stop helping and be there for myself instead. Regardless of that, this year also brought new found strength, independence, fearlessness, creativity and becoming unapologetically me.

    Now it feels appropriate to turn attention towards the future. To let those desires I have and plans I wish to make, unfold in the forefront of my consciousness, and to begin taking the step by step actions needed to bring them to fruition.

    The process has shown me that there is a natural ebb and flow to life. A time for growth and a time to be still. And I don’t feel an urge to make a new year resolution to change, or to quit something, or start something. I am simply aware of my path of growth and ready for the next chapter.


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    And an afternoon of reflective work. Using still awareness, writing, and deeply restful restorative yoga with bolsters and props to relax and rest the nervous system. Reflect on where you are in your life and how you’d like to evolve.

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