• Let yoga be a balancing force in your life

    Posted on August 9, 2014 by in Uncategorized
    A balanced life is the foundation for health, happiness, positive relationships and growth, yet our culture encourages anything but a balanced lifestyle. We are conditioned by society to achieve, compete and to ‘do’ in order to appear successful and important. This is often with total disregard to our physical, mental and spiritual needs. To just ‘be’ is frowned upon, or viewed as lazy or mindless. Often it is only when we can no longer cope, our bodies are exhausted, our brains frazzled and we’re suffering with ill health that we decide to do something different.Yoga recognises the body and mind as one. When the mind struggles, it is reflected in the body and when the body struggles the mind can’t cope. The wisdom of the Bodymind is incredible yet many of us either ignore or have completely cut off from listening to its messages.

    Nature knows balance. We see this in the seasons, we see this in the animal kingdom, predator or prey everything exists in harmony so the ecosystem can flourish. Yet we humans, for all of our intelligence, traverse a path which is unharmonious, not only to ourselves but to nature itself.

    We are part of nature and can only exist in our full potential when we are awake, aware and in tune with the Bodymind. We need a healthy dose of work that is fulfilling in some way, healthy playtime, i.e. something inspiring or creative rather than drinking to wash away the tension of work. Quality time with family and loved ones as well as time alone. As we know when we eat too much unhealthy food it impacts on our weight and how we look and feel. Everything can become ‘junk food’ when we indulge too much one way or another. Even being healthy can become an unhealthy obsession.

    The beauty of yoga is that it includes our physical, mental and spiritual needs. Through yoga we re-learn how to listen and interpret the messages of our Bodymind and through conscious awareness, learned unhealthy behaviours are undone and new caring, positive and self-loving behaviours flow into existence. More joy abounds, the struggle ends and life flows more easily.

    When was the last time you took care of your most important needs? How often does something else or bad habits get in the way of you experiencing wellness?

    Give your Bodymind some self-care and nurturing.