• Healthy, Happy Autumn

    Posted on October 8, 2014 by in Ayurveda

    Autumn Yoga Warrior

    Autumns arrival may have brought with it physical and mental changes in how you feel. If you have developed a cold, if your body aches or your mind feels scattered, discontented or anxious, or there is lack of focus, how can you bring yourself back to a state of clear mindedness, a relaxed body and healthy immune system?

    We are part of nature and change with it regardless of how connected or disconnected you feel from it. Our state of being is in constant flux so to maintain health and wellbeing, we must be in tune with the flux and adapt and rebalance.

    Ayurveda is Yoga’s sister science. It is a teaching rich with the science of life and shows us how to flow with the rhythms of nature.

    Autumn is a season that aggravates the airy element within us and around us. In Sanskrit, the beautiful spiritual language of India, the airy element is called Vata. Vata has positive qualities when in balance and negative qualities when out of balance.

    Yoga and Ayurveda are deeply connected. Working with the right postures – releasing tension through the joints, Asanas that bring the airy element back to Earth, and restorative poses – settle Vata from a strong and destructive wind into a soothing gentle breeze.

    To maintain balance this Autumn:

    • practise postures that relieve tension from the joints particularly around the shoulders and hips
    • tune into the parts of your body connected with the Earth. Bringing awareness to the Earth, shifts energy from the fluctuating mind
    • move the head below the heart in gentle inversions such as Downward Facing Dog and supported Shoulder Stand
    • when the scattered energy is reduced, take restorative postures especially Savasana
    • Nadi Sodhana pranayama, the alternate nostril breath, creates focus and clarity
    • take some coconut or sesame oil and massage it into your joints
    • eat warming foods with spices
    • keep your body warm
    • summer is the time for lots of activity when we have the energy from the natural sunlight and long days, so begin to wind down with the season
    • reduce your workload
    • autumn is traditionally harvest time so reflect on the seeds you planted earlier in the year and see what came to fruition and what did not