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Yoga video series...

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Open your body

Hatha Yoga postures build physical strength and increase suppleness of the joints. They also work on all of your physiological systems to bring everything back to balance and working in harmony.

Look within

Yoga teaches us to turn our attention inwards and discover who we really are in essence. The false beliefs we have nurtured about ourselves and the world, fall away and we live from a place of truth and wisdom.

Nurture your needs

From looking in we become in tune with our own needs and begin to nurture and love ourselves more. We become more compassionate towards ourselves, and in turn others.


This ancient wisdom is a path of transformation. If you want to discover your true potential, then take a journey with yoga. It's your path... take what you want from it.

Since starting yoga I have been more supple & enjoy the fact that for an hour or so each Wednesday I can remove myself from the stresses of life but engage in a discipline that helps & equips me for the rest of the week. The breathing is so helpful.